Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Art/ The Music

WELCOME TO THE JUMBLEI went by Gallery 16 in SF a few weeks ago
to check out Alice Shaw's work...Good stuff!

There was a great bluegrass band...
Just went to Heco's to see
Bitter Fruit
Gagakirise from Japan
Uncanny Valley
Don Knotts was here?

Go read a book...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

SF Art

CONCENTRIC CIRCAWent out to the city the other week to
check out some friends' art...Jesse Schlesinger slept here for 28 days...
Jesse Schlesinger
Jesse Schlesinger
Went by Eleanor Harwood's
to a show curated by Gaelen McKeown-Hickel
and saw Kara Joslyn's work
Kara Joslyn
Kara Joslyn
Kara Joslyn...always great work.
Anne Regan
Alice Shaw
Kylea Borges
Paul Wackers
Gideon Chase
Gideon Chase
Gideon Chase